Hyblaean Spino

The Spino degli Iblei is a dog of ancient origins. Traces of its existence can also be found in several nineteenth-century paintings depicting Sicilian herds and pastures

This breed was born in South Eastern Sicily, between the Iblei Mountains. A sturdy dog, obedient and docile used to defend the flocks of sheep. Proud but sociable look hidden by a long and thick hair

The Spino degli Iblei is a confident and courageous dog, the instinct of protection and defense makes it perfect even in the family: he is sweet and affectionate, it can be supportive in pet therapy

The breed was recognized in 2015 by the National Body of Italian Dog lovers (ENCI) and enjoys pedigree

In Verso le Origini we started breeding the Spino degli Iblei starting from our splendid and sweet Anna Spina. The hope is to be able to spread this breed as much as possible as a sheepdog and companion dog

Spino degli iblei farming

We have been breeding the thorn of the iblei for years.

In March 2022 two litters were born

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