Dog boarding in Ragusa

There are many opportunities (holidays in the first place, but also related to work or family) where it is impossible to take our dog with us or leave him at home. Then it becomes essential to choose the right dog board. You are looking for one in Modica, Ragusa, Victory, Scicli, Comiso? Ours could be just the right one

You know why we decided to open a dog boarding house in Ragusa? For over twenty years we have been dedicating ourselves to them with our breeding. We have learned about their needs: all different according to age, breed and size

Experience and care: just what you were looking for for your dog. And then maybe even a right location, vero?

Our dog boarding house is located within a farm that is set in the purest Hyblean countryside. Imagine: an oasis of peace among centuries-old carob trees, dry stone walls, ulivi. A peaceful and familiar context, but above all without dangers, without traffic and noise: your dog – we know it, we have learned to understand it – in a stressful time without you he needs just that

We host dogs in the house with us, but also in spacious boxes. We have designed and built them tailor-made for them: each dog has a covered area but also an outdoor courtyard. All his!

Your dog is young and vigorous? Or he needs physical activity? Then we can't wait to take it with us along the paths of the olive grove

To your dog – to every dog – we devote the utmost attention. That unique attention that comes from sensitivity, passion, experience. Everything is constantly monitored, under our total control

In case of emergency, a qualified staff of veterinarians is ready to intervene, a few minutes from the place of the dog boarding house

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