Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

For the production of PDO EVO oil, we start with the olive harvest in the countryside of Ragusa. It is a centuries-old tradition, handed down from generation to generation. Secular as i 300 olive trees that grow strong and luxuriant in the Zannafondo estate

When Sicilian olive oil was born? It is the story of many families who – at the turn of summer – from the city they moved with friends and relatives to the countryside to pick olives. Joy, reunification between family and nature. And then the hard work that brought you back to the origins and traditions: those of Sicily, of Ragusa.

Work and satisfaction to bring extra virgin olive oil to the table, a priceless oil.

This is precisely the spirit with which the Sicilian PDO extra virgin olive oil is born. Towards the origins obtained by pressing and cold olives from Ragusa