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Best taste in the world 2023


the liqueur of olive and carob leaves

Ulibbo - Vinitaly Golosario Award 2022 Ulibbo - Silver Award at the World Liwueur Awards 2022 Ulibbo - Sicily Food Award Gold Award 2023 Ulibbo - Italy Food Awards 2023/24 Winner liquor factories

Corporate gifts in Ragusa: Ulibbo liqueur and the Sicilian countryside for an original cadeau

The choice of the corporate gift – a corporate gift to Ragusa, but also in Catania, Palermo as well as Rome or Milan – sometimes it is difficult

It is the attempt to find the right balance between a gift (for collaborators, employees, customers, i partner) impact and the budget approved for the occasion. To give prestige to the company name, to consolidate a commercial but also a personal relationship, for an excellent move aimed at encouraging brand awareness

Gadgets and corporate gifts in Ragusa: the food and wine choices, the dressing table

A corporate gift for Christmas or Easter. But also on the occasion of a goal reached, of an event (live or virtual, with a cadeau that comes directly to the house)

These are the main occasions in which a company commissions a gift idea, and very often it does so with a selection of food and wine products

A basket that - in this case - has a double value that starts from the gift and comes to an experience to be shared at the table with the family, with friends, with the dearest affections

The gift baskets include the best of the typical products of a place, the Italian excellences. And they never lack a liqueur

This is the big difference between a standard and sometimes too obvious gift (an agenda, a pen, a precious) and a gift that creates sharing, which associates the company with a pleasant moment lived with those we care about

Ulibbo: a bottle as a gift idea for the company

Ulibbo – for his taste, its values – it is perfect for a corporate gift or to make an enogastronomic cadeau exclusive

Ulibbo is the Sicilian liqueur made with olive and carob leaves. There is the most authentic Sicily inside, the truest one. A family recipe unearthed and that – in every glass of Ulibbo – handed down history, nature, like

The perfect values ​​for an original gift idea for a company, the inevitable ones for a cadeau that is good to sip and full of health benefits thanks to the natural ingredients and polyphenols typical of olive leaves

A corporate gift at home: with Ulibbo liqueur you can

Smart working e remote working, remote events, a gift to partners or collaborators: there are many reasons for choosing a corporate gift e – at the same time – there is a need for it to be delivered directly to the address of the recipient

Ulibbo – as well as offering the hints and taste of the Sicilian countryside in a liqueur – turns out to be perfect. We can manage every logistical aspect by receiving the order and ensuring fast and safe delivery (the bottle is protected from vibrations, falls, jolts) by express courier to each of the addresses (in Italy but not only) that will be provided to us


On the occasion of Vinitaly held at the Verona fair from 10 al 13 April 2022, Ulibbo participated in Sol & Agrifood.

Golosario Award

He Sol & Agrifood in 2022 took place at Vinitaly where Ulibbo was awarded the Golosario Award 2022.

2022: Golosario Award in Sol & Agrifood @ Vinitaly

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