Sicilian barbaresca sheep

The recovery of the Sicilian Barbary sheep is one of the main activities of the project Towards the Origins. The Barbaresca sheep – whose cradle of origin is that of the Sicilian hinterland – is a breed that comes from the cross between North African sheep (important during the Arab domination in Sicily) and the Sicilian Pinzirita sheep

The Sicilian Barbaresca sheep has existed for a millennium: it is a historical heritage of Sicily, from the 1987 included in the herd book of breeds. Unfortunately it is in danger of extinction

It is a medium to large sized sheep, from the massive physical structure. White head with scattered black spots, long drooping ears. Double attitude, from meat and milk. Considerable dairy yield in the production of sheep cheeses thanks to the high fat content of its milk (once upon a time a fine pecorino was obtained, now gone)

We have set ourselves a goal: recover this wonderful sheep breed thanks to the involvement of young Sicilians interested in zootechnical and agri-food research. In the not too distant future we want to go back to producing that Monorazza Pecorino di Barbaresca, so dear to our ancestors

Now we can count on XX specimens of adult sheep grazing – free – among olive trees, carob trees and dry stone walls. A sheltered area at their complete disposal. To protect them, gather them and bring them back to the shelter there are our beloved sheepdogs that we breed and to which we have dedicated one of our projects