Ulibbo, Sicilian liqueur of olive and carob

Sicily, the Ragusa countryside, the sun that illuminates and warms this corner of paradise. And then again the centuries-old olive trees, the majestic carob trees: Ulibbo was born from their leaves and an original family recipe handed down from generation to generation

Ulibbo is a Sicilian liqueur, and Sicily is one of the predominant notes of its flavor
that – in addition to carob and olive trees – sees the presence of myrtle leaves

The tradition of Sicilian spirits

Behind Ulibbo there is the long history of Sicilian bitters and spirits, of which he is the son. But olive liqueur is also spoken of in Dante's Paradise. The illustrious past that goes hand in hand with the intimate and personal one of a Sicilian family: a list of ingredients found on an ancient sheet of hand-laid paper and brought to light at the dawn of 2021 keeping the ancient flavor intact, the strong character of the Sicilian liqueur made of olive and carob



The taste of Ulibbo, tips to savor it at its best

Ulibbo – like any liqueur, like any bitter or distillate – has predominant scents. In this case they can only be those marked by the strong but pleasant taste of olive and carob leaves. The purest Sicilian countryside, archaic fragrance but rediscovered and brought to light in every single drop of Ulibbo

It can be tasted fresh. Because a bottle of Ulibbo in the refrigerator is the perfect choice for a small moment of personal relaxation, but also for joyful sharing with friends or family

The olive liqueur, an elixir with many benefits

The olive tree – with its leaves – is one of the dominant parts of Ulibbo. There are many scientific researches that underline the benefits deriving from the presence of oleuropein, a polyphenol with anti-cancer properties, anti viral, anti bacterial. A boon to fight osteoporosis, hypertension, to help the immune system

The liqueur with carob leaves: good and antibacterial

The classic sparkling liqueur – the name by which the carobs are known in parts of the south – bring in your glass not only Sicily but also strong antibiotic properties. Very effective in fighting listeria as well as other infections and intoxications

Un mix – wisely dosed – between olive and carob tree, a Sicilian liqueur like Ulibbo not only good and pleasant but also with many benefits for the body

Why give a Sicilian liqueur as a gift, why give Ulibbo

A liqueur turns out to be a perfect gift on many occasions. It is for Christmas, it is for a birthday or for an occasion to celebrate with every chrism. A unique and thoughtful gift, a refined gift, a genuine gift: a gift that combines the joy of a moment of sharing with the exclusivity of the flavors and warmth of the truest Sicily. This is Ulibbo

A liqueur as a corporate gift: the reasons for choosing Ulibbo

It's not just Christmas with sparkling and very rich baskets: there are many occasions when a company chooses to give a gift to employees, to partners, to customers, to suppliers

Ulibbo is an exclusive gift that goes beyond the clichés of the agenda or calendar, of the wine bottle. Ulibbo brings the most refined and ancient Sicilian tradition into its bottle and its matrix of flavors

A message, a choice: opt for Ulibbo among your corporate gifts. Contact us via the form to find out more


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